Furniture Moving

Small, efficient, and personal moving company you can trust and move with total confidence, knowing that our many years of experience will ensure that your move is smooth and stress-free.

We specialize in moving furniture, household moves, office moves, fragile freight, back loads, TradeMe moves, International, Worldwide, local, Hawke’s Bay, Interisland relocations, mini moves, farm moves, packing and wrapping, anywhere in New Zealand. Moving you into your future

Providing professional packing and wrapping services for local and long distance relocations. We’ll pack whole house lots down to selected items, all large furniture ware, breakables, books, kitchens items, dinning rooms, bedrooms, offices, garage items and much more within New Zealand, we also sell moving boxes, packaging tape and bubble wrap for your convenience.


 Moving Services

  • Backload countrywide rates

  • Small mini-moves across Hawke’s Bay

  • Local Hastings and Napier house-to-house moves

  • Full International moves and relocations

  • Full comprehensive or partial insurance cover available

  • Valuable destination door-to-door moving

  • Transit Insurance for your peace of mind

  • Business and office moving

  • Container relocations – saves on handling where storage is required, and facilitates Do it yourself loads and unloads

  • Self pre-pack/we-move option – we can supply all the materials

  • Partial pre-packs as required for breakables

  • Full pre-packing service including international wrapping for selected items

Moving Checklist

Here are some helpful reminders of the important things to organise before your moving day.
It is a good idea to start the process well in advance and to make sure that all your service providers and utilities are aware of your moving date:
If there is anything that you are not sure of, call us on 0800 767 668

Services you may need to redirect, cancel, or change +

  • Telephone
  • Gas and electricity
  • Newspaper (paper delivery service)
  • Water (if you are attached to rural supply)
  • Sky television
  • Broadband
  • Milk delivery service
  • Bread delivery service

Notify change of address details +

  • New Zealand Post office for mail redirection
  • Bank for transfer of accounts
  • The electoral registrar
  • Motor registration centre for car and driver licence changes
  • Inland Revenue
  • Hire purchase company (if used)
  • Insurance company
  • Schools for children
  • Doctor/Dentist – arrange for transfer of records
  • District Council for rates
  • Club memberships
  • Publications to which you subscribe
  • Shops where you have a credit account
  • Government departments for allowances and payments
  • Gun licence authorities
  • Your solicitor
  • Your Church

Prepare for moving day +

  • Ensure old and unused items have been sorted or discarded which you do not want moved or put into storage
  • Keep important documents, receipts, bank statements and final bills in one place
  • Organize boxes and packing materials. Call 0800 767 668 to buy packaging materials that you may need
  • Prepare an inventory of everything you will be packing and moving
  • Defrost refrigerator and freezers for up to 24 hours before moving day
  • Have all appliances disconnected and ready for removal day
  • Check necessary precautions from manufacturer, turn off and unhook washing machine hoses and place inside the machine
  • Arrange electrician and/or gas fitter to disconnect any fittings from supply
  • Disconnect stereos, computers, televisions, appliances (where possible) and other electronic devices. Tie up cords and place in original boxes if you still have them
  • Organize pet transport if this is needed
  • Dispose of all unwanted medicine bottles, jars, plastic bags, clothes, broken crockery
  • Tighten lids on jars or containers containing liquids
  • Return tools, books, goods or items that you may have borrowed
  • Arrange transit insurance with Anywhere Moving and Storage or check if your existing policy covers it
  • Leave anything that is not to be packed or moved in one area so that it is not taken (label it – Do Not Take)
  • Make sure moisture-bearing items, like your garden hoses, jugs, umbrella stands etc., are thoroughly emptied
  • Secure cartons at both ends so that goods cannot fall out
  • Advise movers what is staying and where it is on move day

Please do not +

  • Do not French polish furniture just before moving, as it is then slippery and easily marked
  • Do not put breakables in drawers
  • Do not put liquids in drawers
  • Do not load drawers with heavy items as this can cause damage to the cabinet
  • Do not store perishable foods and opened tinned food
  • Do not store or pack *Dangerous Goods, including ammunition, new and partly used aerosol cans of paint, linseed oil, turpentine, thinners, kerosene, petrol, meths, vegetable oils, pool chemicals, brake fluids, aerosols, oily rags, naphtha, cleaning fluids
  • Do not leave fuel in primus stoves, lamps, gas bottles in heaters, and fuel lawnmowers
  • Do not store jewellery, money, legal documents, tax papers, insurance policy info, or anything of considerable value or that may be needed while in storage
  • Do not forget to advise us of any high-value items that are being moved and detail them on the insurance checklist
  • Do not forget to tell us everything that you want moved as you are responsible for checking that everything is taken before the removal truck departs

Important documents that you should keep with you +

  • Drivers licence
  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth Certificates
  • Visa documentation
  • Passports
  • Airline tickets
  • CV/Resume
  • Bank and real estate information
  • Anywhere Moving and Storage documentation regarding your move

Warning - Dangerous Goods cannot be moved +

We do not transport LPG cylinders unless they have been purged and you can provide a certification. Mowers, weed-eaters, motorcycles, and other engine accessories must be emptied of all fuel and oil as this can leak into our moving truck.

We are not certified to carry Dangerous Goods including petrol, oils, ammunition, aerosol cans of paint, linseed oil, turpentine, thinners, kerosene, meths, vegetable oils, pool chemicals, brake fluids, aerosols, oily rags, naphtha, cleaning fluids. If any are packed that we are not aware of, we could be liable to prosecution if stopped by a traffic officer.


Transit Insurance

It’s normal to insure your assets and possessions in your home, so we highly recommended covering your treasured goods whilst in transit. Our professional team always takes extreme care and precautions while handling your goods but the mere fact that items are being moved as against being kept in one place, is going to introduce an element of extra risk. Anywhere Movers offers comprehensive transit insurance cover for moving international and within New Zealand through Vero Marine insurance, providing complete peace of mind when moving a lifetime of treasures.