Terms and Conditions

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  1. That the property to be moved is owned by the customer. The customer agrees that he/she will not store stolen goods, received goods, drugs, contraband, illicit, or illegal items within the store container/area/ that he or she leases or rents, including any access areas. Failure to comply is a breach of the law, and if detected Anywhere Moving and Storage Ltd will not hesitate to take necessary action including notifying the authorities.

  2. The quotation (for export consignments) is subject to changes in rates of exchange, government levies and taxes, shipping & airline rates in force at the data of quotation. Any changes in rates will affect the quoted price and will be reflected in the final invoice.

  3. If additional services are required other than those set out in the quotation, the customer agrees to pay for the cost of these additional services.

  4. Dangerous goods, explosives, corrosives and flammables of any nature must not be included for cartage and/or shipment, and storage. This includes empty gas cylinders that haven’t been purged and certified.

  5. If additional goods are moved extra charges will apply & the customer agrees to pay these charges.

  6. The customer will be responsible for any goods left behind, or taken away in error.

  7. The customer authorizes Anywhere Moving & Storage Ltd to act as agents for the customer and will allow any action to be taken for the protection of the goods in transit or held in storage. Any charges resulting from such actions will paid by the customer.

  8. Costs associated with storage will be paid in advance with a proportional adjustment for any broken period.

  9. Anywhere Moving and Storage Ltd shall only deliver goods to the customer or to a person authorized by the customer in writing.

  10. Access to effects/furniture will be denied if storage payments fall behind or get into arrears. Anywhere Moving & Storage Ltd has the right to sell any goods for monies not paid by the customer within 3 calendar months after payment has become due. Proceeds of the sale of the goods will be used to pay for outstanding storage and removal costs as well as any costs associated with the recovery of debts and the balance will be paid to the customer. Costs still outstanding will be claimed from the customer. Any legal costs incurred through collection of unpaid invoices will be charged to the client, NO EXCEPTIONS.

  11. If the goods are delayed en-route by default or wrong declaration by the customer, or if the customer cannot accept immediate delivery of goods upon arrival, the goods will be delivered to a store and any costs associated with storage and an extra delivery will be additional to the quotation.

  12. Anywhere Moving and Storage Ltd will not be held liable for any loss or damage or failure to deliver goods caused by any delay in transit by road/sea/air through strikes, labour troubles, riots, wars, Acts of God, burglary, house breaking, vermin, insects or the like.

  13. Unless the customer requests Anywhere Moving and Storage Ltd to arrange insurance and pays the premium prior to cartage/storage/shipment, the goods will be carted/stored/shipped at “OWNERS RISK”.

  14. The customer agrees to lodge any claim in writing within seven days of delivery of goods.

  15. The customer agrees to make full payment, without deduction and no payments withheld, reduced, deferred on account of any claim, counter claim, set off or otherwise, at the appropriate time as indicated in the quotation.

  16. The customer should particularly note that damage caused by our vehicles to driveways, footpaths, underground pipelines, cables, sewerage or other underground installations is uninsurable. Should our drivers be instructed by the owner/consignor/consignee/shipper or any person acting on their behalf to drive any vehicle across an area where such damage is likely to occur, compliance with such instructions will not in any way involve Anywhere Moving and Storage Ltd in liability. Responsibility will rest solely with owner/consignor/consignee/shipper.

  17. The customer agrees that responsibility for company vehicle remains totally with the driver. He has the right at all times to refuse to put his vehicle or person at risk.

  18. Not withstanding any of the other provisions of the Carriage of Goods Act 1979, Anywhere Moving and Storage Ltd shall not be liable for the loss of or damage to goods occurring while Anywhere Moving and Storage Ltd is responsible for them under a contract of carriage to the extent that Anywhere Moving and Storage Ltd proves that the loss or damage resulted directly and without fault on the part of Anywhere Moving and Storage Ltd, from inherent vice or any breach of either of the terms implied in the contract by section 17 of the Carriage of Goods Act 1979 (party to warrant condition of goods etc), or seizure under legal process, or saving or attempting to save life or property in peril.